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Mikito Ozeki Paper works


Mikito Ozeki / Cut Out from mikitoozeki on Vimeo.

Hello Mikito, your work is beautiful I found one of your videos randomly while on a blog. It was a video of you making one of your cutouts. How did you develop this style of work? Did you receive any training from school?

I love drawing pictures since I was little. I didn’t go art university. I have to go to college generally. I studied economic. I go to without art university, I believed I could learned  draw by myself. I started drawing in 1997.  At first I just an ordinary drawing, one day, I started cut out. I did need drawing for a paper cutout. I produced in store event for bang & olfsen NAGOYA at Nagoya. I planed improvise cutout event.but,I did not have it until it was improvised. At that time, the first time, it is now possible to improvise a cutout.Get the power of improvisation that was it Pleases me. My first improvisation cut. I cut about 4hours on this event.


Your designs are very detailed. Do you sketch out your designs before you start cutting? I ask because in the video I saw you were cutting and it seemed like you were cutting without any prior sketches.

No,I don’t. I just cut without sketch. I use my imagination.


If you do use any sketches, how often do you sketch? Are you the type of artist to take a sketchbook with you all the time?

sometime,I am also draw things. In the past, I have not been able to complete the design without the cut out. Now, I can make a better cut out than the draw down. I don’t use sketches.


Where do you get your inspiration from? Does your surroundings influence your art?

I have been listening to a lot of music since the age of 20. Mainly in the 1960’s soul music, blues, rock, preferring the music world. I thought I’d like to express myself. The terrible live music. But I can’t sing and musical instruments. And, I don’t have any musical talent. I just like to listen the music. I wanted to live music and similar expressions are good at drawing. My guide is a great musicians. Sam Cooke , Otis Redding ,Ray Charles,Al Green  more many great musicians.

I was judo. Get my high school scholarship in judo. Experience in judo, was a good experience. and, I like to watch sports. Challenges and limitations of athletes, but the moment I encountered the miraculous I think it seems like the real pleasure of art.

From such things I am looking for a music or sports feel the excitement in my works.
To do so, “improvisation” in I’m arrived. Also, I consistently work with  “search for truth, “The critical breakthrough, I believe that a glimpse of the truth.



What tools do you use when you are making these cutouts? In the video all I saw was an exacto  cutting knife and a table.

I’m using all tools that are Made in Japan. I can easily get all tools. I don’t want to be tied to equipment and materials. You can also use expensive materials, also ask for added value. I want to add value to the my actions.


Looking at some of your work I notice there are two styles going on. Either they are really mechanical or really organic. Are you commenting on the relationship between man and machine? What is the meaning behind your work?

I think both styles are same Themes. I want to cut out my work as ‘an ambiguous something with no answer’ The BODY series is commonly depicted as “figures like robots”. I feel what I want to work with nature. Although this may be contradictory. it is important to control. But I have no plans too. I Just cut out naturally.

What series of your work has the most meaning to you?

BODY series.

I made most works in last few years. ‘an ambiguous something with no answer’


For example, There are HANDS series.

‘likes hands’. There are not ‘real hands’


What artists do you look to for inspiration?

many music and various musicians!


Being a cutout artist gives you one advantage: your work can be shown in a 3 dimensional way. Have you ever thought about doing any sculptures?

I think when viewers first look, I should to show condition of the flat for 3 dimensional object. Next step, I show like sculptures. I wanted to make cut out by steel one day. Paper will not be exhibited in outdoor.


Being an artist what piece advice could you give to other aspiring artists?

I’ve been told by many peoples. ‘Believe in yourself.’and ‘ Keep on.’ I would like to do so.




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