Objective: To storyboard, character design and animate a new Associate training video that would be entertaining and informational to new hires.

Solution: We  had free reign on the artistic direction of the video along with the music. I worked with a voice actor who delivered the lines so I could have a performance draw the character design from. The character name was Ariel and he had a previous design that was unfriendly and could not provide the energy that would be needed to carry a new hire through training video.


Below is the two rounds of revisions for Ariel’s character design. I wanted to personify the Areas USA brand visually. So what I did was take the logo and embedded into Ariel’s hair style. That way, on a subconcious level people ould develop a rapport with Ariel, but also developing a rapport with Areas. We ended up going with the Ariel  on the second page because the tie was to corporate and the what we wanted to do was provide a slightly more laid back character.




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