Sync-Session #1: Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s new PDA

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Sync-Session 1: Cortana, Microsoft’s new personal digital assistant

Kaliq and Delandro talk about Microsoft’s new (and somewhat familiar) personal digital assistant. They touch on the Initial reactions, capabilities, and potential of Cortana. Check out the links below for more information.


Video links:


Cortana’s Spec’s:


Siri Google Now
Launch apps Yes Yes Yes
Weather forecast Yes Yes Yes
Calendar  Yes Yes Yes
Set alarms Yes Yes Yes
Type queries Yes No Yes
People reminders Yes No No
Access functions within apps Yes No No
Make calls Yes Yes Yes
Send messages or emails Yes Yes Yes
Play music Yes Yes Yes
Recognize music Yes No Yes
Web search powered by Bing Bing, Wolfram Alpha Google
Sense of humor Yes Yes No