Top 5 Apps For Start Ups

Hello everyone, we know it can be hard at times being an entrepreneur. Moreover, it can be even more daunting when you are creating a start-up company. Being that I am a founder of my own start-up, I would like to share my top 5 applications that have helped me run my business. Hopefully these 5 apps help you get your business started as well.

#5 PayPal – PayPal is a very functional app that can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is perfect for a company who is looking for an alternative way to invoice or receive payments from clients. If you have a registered entity like a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Corporation, etc. , all you would need to do is plug in your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and then you are ready to accept payments. The funds you receive will be held by PayPal and can easily be transferred to your bank. While PayPal does not have a monthly or annual cost, the app charges a fee for each transaction, which is 2.9% of the transaction plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive.

#4 QuickBooks – Another payment application, QuickBooks Online, allows you to manage your accounting with ease. QuickBooks is available for computer, tablet, and smartphone use. QuickBooks also allows you to invoice clients and receive payments straight to your bank within four to five days. QuickBooks Online  can even track your payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. Unlike, PayPal, QuickBooks online does require a monthly fee. The lowest tier of $12.95 a month is suitable for new small businesses.

#3 Lynda – Being a small business owner, you have to wear multiple hats. CEO, CFO, CMO etc. Sometimes you do not know it all and right now you cannot afford to bring someone else who does. It is always good to have a resource that can give information on any subject. That resource is Lynda. For just $25.00 a month (basic plan), you can have access to videos covering topics such as how to Photoshop a model to understanding investments and finance. Lynda is available  for computer, tablet, and smartphone use.

#2 Google Slides – When looking for investors it is always good to have your pitch deck ready, and Google Slides is the perfect app to do just that. Computer, tablet, and smartphone accessible, this app allows you create slides like Microsoft PowerPoint and host them on the internet. It useful software for anyone that has a Gmail account. In addition, you can also import PowerPoint into Google Slides and easily edit slides using your smartphone.

#1 Shake Law – As a business owner, it is important to have legal aid. Shake Law allows you to be able create contracts on the fly for clients to electronically sign. NDA’s, agreements, photo releases…the list just goes on and on.  If you already have preexisting contracts that are tailored to your business, you can upload them and Shake Law will adapt them for easy access. (it’s an easy plug and play format.) Shake Law is recommended to anyone that needs to a little more assurance when conducting business.

With countless apps in the Apple App Store and in the Android store, finding the apps that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey can be a difficult venture. That’s why She3t is here.