About Us
She3t stands for

Syncing humanity, education, entertainment, environment, and technology.

Founded on the concept that every creative endeavor starts from a sheet of paper, She3t is an interactive studio that creates solutions for businesses to tell their stories in a meaningful way. Established in 2012, She3t’s work encompasses graphics, identity design, websites, exhibitions and installations, and digital experiences, advertising and communications, VFX, and motion design.

In an age of social media and branding, storytelling is essential. We believe everyone needs the right team to help to tell their story and connect with people in a powerful way. 


Kaliq Ray


Kaliq is a design professional with over 10+ years of experience. His multidisciplinary work has encompassed the industries of entertainment, film, food hospitality, game development, government, nonprofits, and software development. Problem-solving is key to his work and his mindset in life. For him, form follows function and functionality is the language that connects us all.